Sunday, August 15, 2010

By Implication, Winners of Game Design Imagine Cup 2010 Released Their Game (Wildfire) for Free!

Wildfire is a game about saving the world. Opponents like rampant poverty, gender inequality, inadequate education and environmental degradation cannot be defeated by marching armies, secret potions or magic swords. This is a game about how they can be defeated.

Through volunteerism, social interaction, and nonviolent activism, players will explore a sprawling urban landscape, building up grassroots support and seeking legislation on key Millennium Development Goals. Standing in their way are the menacing “agents,” representing the various forces opposing positive societal change.

By Implication Final Presentation

Wildfire’s ultimate goal is not only to offer a challenging, immersive gameplay experience, but also to promote universal awareness of the UN MDG’s, and how they can be achieved through concrete action.

For more informations and downloads, visit their website:


  1. pake bahasa apa neh??

  2. English of course, or do you mean programming language?
    It's using C# and XNA Framework


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